[Download Now] - Building a Perfect PC

Get high-quality PC hardware from local stores and online computer vendors Plan your projects with a complete list of the ideal definition of a PC that will run Windows 7 or Linux Take advantage of the latest multi-core test Assemble CPU, and configure your PC with ease Build PC that meets your needs and fits your budget.
Written by hardware experts, the book provides complete instructions for building your own dream machine with high quality components, whether it sa PC? For general use, extreme gaming, media center, or home server.
Building the Perfect PC presents the six in-depth custom PC projects: Mainstream PC - Fast, flexible, quiet, and reliable with reasonable pricing Extreme System - A wicked fast PC for video editing, gaming, and more Media Center - One PC to replace your TiVo games, consoles, DVD, and CD Players Home Server - Ideal home network hub for storing, sharing, and secure data Appliance PC - A small, quiet, low-cost PCs you can put anywhere <b>Budget System</b> - Reliable and highly functional at the low, low price


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