Ide Riset dan Pengembangan "Android Security"

Sumber: Bpk. Iwan Sumantri.
Beberapa Artikel berikut ini sangat cocok bagi Anda yang sedang mencari ide untuk Riset dan pengembangan "Android Security", atau sekedar belajar dan mengambil manfaat dari artikel2 hasil riset berikut ini :
  1. Analysis of Secure Key Storage Solutions on Android
  2. ATTACKING THE LINUX PRNG ON ANDROID…/conference/woot14/woot14-kaplan.pdf
  3. Android OEM's applications (in)security and backdoors without permission…/Android-OEM-applications-insecur…
  4. Attacks on Android Clipboard…/pap…/clipboard_attack_dimva2014.pdf
  5. A Study of Android Application Security
  6. Attacks on Webview in the Android System…/Resear…/paper/webview_acsac2011.pdf
  7. Gues who's is Texting you?Evaluating Security of Smartphone Messaging Applications…/publicati…/ndss2012_final.pdf
  8. Evaluations of Security Solutions for Android Systems
  9. Why Eve and Mallory Love Android: An Analysis of Android SSL (In)Security
  10. The Impact of Vendor Customizations on Android Security
  11. The Peril of Fragmentation: Security Hazards in Android Device Driver Customizations
  12. An Empirical Study of Cryptographic Misuse in Android Applications…/research/…/ccs13_cryptolint.pdf
  13. Android Permissions:User Attention, Comprehension, and Behavior…/papers/soups12-android.pdf
  14. AppsPlayground: Automatic Security Analysis of Smartphone Applications…/AppsPlayground.pdf
  15. Understanding and Improving App Installation Security Mechanisms through Empirical Analysis of Android
  16. Android Malware Situation…/Estud…/android_malware_situation.pdf
  17. PowerSpy: Location Tracking using Mobile Device Power Analysis
  18. EdgeMiner: Automatically Detecting Implicit Control Flow Transitions through the Android Framework
  19. Detecting Passive Content Leaks and Pollution in Android Applications
  20. DIVILAR: Diversifying Intermediate Language for Anti-Repackaging on Android Platform
  21. RiskRanker: Scalable and Accurate Zero-day Android Malware Detection
  22. DroidMOSS: Detecting Repackaged Smartphone Applications in Third-Party Android Marketplaces
  23. Dissecting Android Malware: Characterization and Evolution
  24. Hey, You, Get off of My Market: Detecting Malicious Apps in Official and Alternative Android Markets…/…/pubs/NDSS12_DROIDRANGER.pdf
  25. Systematic Detection of Capability Leaks in Stock Android Smartphones…/pubs/NDSS12_WOODPECKER.pdf
  26. Fast, Scalable Detection of “Piggybacked” Mobile Applications
  27. Leaving our ZIP undone: how to abuse ZIP to deliver malware apps…/confe…/vb2014/VB2014-Panakkal.pdf
  28. Forensic Analysis On Android: A Practical Case…/forensic-analysis-android-practical-…
  29. A Machine Learning Approach to Android Malware Detection
  30. Cross Site Scripting Attacks on Android Webview
  31. Autonomous smartphone apps: self-compilation, mutation, and viral spreading
  32. BareDroid: Large-Scale Analysis of Android Apps on Real Devices…/publications/2015_acsac_baredroid.pdf 
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